Michelin Xda5+

Commercial Truck/Bus. Medium-Duty Truck Drive tire Featuring Regenerating Tread Features that Deliver Excellent Traction late in life for Line Haul Applications.


  • Advanced Technology™ compound
  • Solid shoulders
  • Wide footprint and square shoulders
  • Matrix™ Siping Technology
  • Regenerating tread features
  • Full-width elastic protector ply
  • Rectarectangular bead bundle, a Michelin exclusive


  • Improved fuel efficiency, with a 5% rolling resistance improvement over MICHELIN® XDA®5 tire
  • Leading tread life, and smooth wear
  • Excellent mileage and stability
  • Exceptional handling, traction, and stability
  • Late life traction
  • Extended casing life and retreadability
  • Reduced heat and fatigue


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