Yokohama Bluearth Ae01 Tires

For Everyday Motorists who want to Reduce their Fuel Bill. The BluEarth AE01 ‘eco tyre’ gives a Quiet ride and Reassuring Grip on Wet and Slippery roads. It Suits Small to Medium cars. And unlike other Low Rolling Resistance tyres that often Lack Grip on Wet Roads, Grip is Restored by Yokohama’s patented Orange Oil & Silica Nano Blend Rubber Compound.


  • Orange Oil Nano Blend rubber compound
  • On average this tyre is 7.7% lighter than the
  • Tread design is sound optimized and features wide grooves and dolphin grooves


  • Provides firmness for fuel efficiency and a long tyre life
  • Flexible for grip on wet roads
  • Helps save petrol
  • For improved wet handling


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